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  • 29 December 2018

    A new rehabilitation center was established to provide holistic care for children in need at Annahda Women’s Association which cares for children with developmental and speech disabilities.

    The main goal of the Polish Aid project with Annahda Women’s Center was to facilitate access to healthcare and education services for children with speech, hearing and developmental disabilities. By renovating the bottom floor of the center and making it easily accessible from outside (including a wheelchair ramp), the project created a safe space, which was subsequently equipped with physiotherapy equipment.


    The idea behind those activities was that children facing hearing impairment or developmental disability often require physical rehabilitation to accelerate the healing processes. Until now, affected children were instructed to seek physiotherapy assistance in other centers. However, due to the fact that the families often couldn’t afford additional transportation or time, the children didn’t actually receive the necessary assistance. Having a holistic and complete range of services in one place will further expedite children’s rehabilitation and recovery.

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