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  • 10 December 2018

    The Representative Office of the Republic of Poland to the Palestinian National Authority would like to announce the opening of a new grant cycle for 2019, within the framework of the Polish Aid Development Program.

    Complete project proposals (including the budgets) must be submitted to no later than 31st  January 2019.


    The priorities of Polish Aid interventions in Palestine are determined by the “Development Cooperation Plan” developed by the Development Cooperation Department of Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For the 2019 cycle, the priorities are as follows:


    1)           Human Capital

    1. Improving the infrastructure of educational institutions at all levels and enhancing the capacity of the teaching cadre;
    2. Improving infrastructure and access to pre-school education;
    3. Improving access to social services (healthcare, education) for groups at risk of social exclusion (disabled, refugees, the elderly, unemployed, IDP, orphans).


    2)           Agriculture and Rural Areas Development

    1. Increasing incomes and enhancing food security of rural households;
    2. Improving competitiveness, efficiency and innovation of production groups, cooperatives and agricultural cooperatives;
    3. Expanding access to markets for local food items, attaining higher product quality.


    3)           Entrepreneurship and the Private Sector

    1. Increasing employability readiness among women and youth;
    2. Increasing the access of youth, women and new graduates to high-quality technical and vocational training and employability counseling;
    3. Improving the quality and infrastructure of organizations offering employability services (counseling, vocational training), esp. in East Jerusalem. 


    The submitted projects must have an implementation period of 7 months: June – December 2019.

    Applicants must have been registered as a legal entity for a minimum of 5 years and have a previous record of international grants. The grant ceiling is 30,000 EUR. The requested budget should be proportionate to the applicant’s previous grant management. For the application form click here.


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